I need to renovate my website

Renovating Websites

Yep its time to look at your website and bring it back to life, if it has fallen in to neglect or just aged.

Please check to see you lease or do own your website?

If you own it you may wish to sell it as a ‘business asset’ in the future.

Therefore, it is important to create interest in the content you offer so customers stay on your site and pages longer, this ensures search engines take note and acquire information that is used to rank your site. Often a few tweaks and reshuffle is all it takes. But if you do not own your site and lease it, it will need a total foundational rebuild, however,  all your content can move over to the new site.

Domains : Old is Gold

Please bear in mind a site that has an old domain name often stands in good stead compared to a brand-new domain.

We can build sites on a new platform but keep the old domain name. Names registered with a .com which have 6 or less letters have been exhausted, therefore, are valuable so don’t be to keen to let old domains expire!

Let us take a look before you accidentally throw a valuable asset out. Yes some websites hold good value and you may have no idea of its value or even saleability.

Client-Tailored Services

We can assist you with services not already identified in your previous website, therefore making your renovation even more productive we will work with you to ensure anything new works effectively.

The online world is changing. If we think something offered you is no longer effective, or no longer available, or there is something that we consider to be even better than what we first proposed or is on your site but not working for you, we will discuss the options and are happy to change parts of the service we offer to you. Thus, customise our service to your needs.

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