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Why choose us for your website build?

Because we care about your business and understand it’s what you do today that makes a difference to your business tomorrow. We will work with you to get a full understanding of your needs and goals to ensure your website achieves what you want from it.

Good Website Layout

The most important factor of a website is how a website is a good strong foundation. Search engine algorithms are triggered with good keywords delivered discreetly in the content and clear titles called URLs these are seen as tabs and make the website page titles. These make a difference as to how search engines view your website. A webpage is not doing any good if it has a chaotic layout, Search engines and customers struggle to know what the site is about.Therefore, in the first five seconds of loading, it should be clear to know what the site is about, how to contact you, your customers should find what they want in one or two clicks.

Often sites online can have broken interlinks, poor quality back links, and high pixel graphics which take a long time to load or moving home page banners, little, or poor content and excessive ads in the user-interface this can have devastating effects on customer satisfaction and search engines trying to use your site as a source to answer targeted traffic questions.

SEO – friendly built

User experience is the most gratifying factor for successful SEO we go out of our way to ensure your websites meet search engine compliance and keyword optimization.

We strive to ensure your content is researched, original, can answer customer questions and convert into sales.That it meets the five second customer and algorithm search criteria allowing traffic and sales to be driven to your site but, most of all creating your site raving fans who want to visit again and again.

We will also help by making suggestions and assist with the design process when you get stuck or run out of ideas to ensure your site is efficient in the load process allowing customers to navigate around the site with ease.

Your ‘on page’ content or, articles you produce enable search engines to identify what your business is about. Therefore, it is so important you have keywords which search engines identify to send the right customers to you. They play an essential role in your ranking which allows more ready-to-buy customers to find you in searches.

We will work with you and ensure your content meets the search engine requirements by monitoring your site activity and reporting back to you at the outset and during the build plus ongoing management if you so wish.

We can also help you write your content if needed we have fantastic outsourcers who can be called on and specialists who can write content for any subject at a great price not included in the standard build cost.

We take care of all aspects

We will build you a website from scratch or with a template  with Items and content which you provide, Your hosting is included in the price for a year on shared hosting or monthly if placed on your own c panel this will be discussed at your first meeting with us.

Your domain names are yours and will be in your name, we are happy to purchase them for you or your business with payment direct from you they are not part of the contract price.

This is because they form your online business identity and your company become responsible for them and all content on the site.

We will ensure your site is secure and is backed up, we will encompass keywords and SEO throughout the site and ensure the site is digitally tracked and monitored.

We will ensure all social media attached to the site is working at hand over.

Tests and Touch-ups

We will for a small extra cost show and train you how to put your own posts or articles on the site and add pictures and videos if you require, however, please note During development or after handover of the website, if anyone other than us attempts to update, edit or alter website pages, infrastructure, source files or hosting management in a way that causes damage to individual pages or the website’s architecture, we will not be held responsible for downtime or rebuilding, unfortunately we will have to allow time to repair pages which will be treated as additional work.

We will test all links and contact pages to ensure they are fully functioning before we hand the site over to you.

A newly built site can take a year or more to be recognized in search engines, this we call organic ranking, we will strive to help you obtain search engine recognition without the use of ads, but, do not make any guarantees to ranking as there are many factors which need to be considered and would be too costly to account for in a new build.

Once we believe the website is complete in accordance with the Proposal we will notify you either verbally or in writing, and provide you with an opportunity to test and review the website.

If there is a problem with functionality or you believe we have missed something, please let us know and we will carry out any necessary and reasonable modifications without extra charge.

We will provide you with the opportunity to provide two rounds of revisions of content after the website is completed as we know once live there are always things you pick up on and want to change in the first 4 four months of your build because we believe in happy customers great websites.

To get you up and running as quick as possible you will get a full seven (7) days to provide changes and comments after we send you the draft site. If you do not provide a response, we will proceed as if no changes are required.

Changes and comments must be provided in writing via email texts or messages or direct to our build team..

Any additional work outside the scope of the agreed build including logos, content writing or small tasks will be charged at our hourly rate.

We now have the ability to produce researched content, Logos, graphic designs plus some fantastic digital marking which makes us a one stop shop for all your website needs prices on demand.

As in any building the structure is only as good as its foundation. Building Business Websites today for tomorrow.

We look forward to hearing from you today.


Digital Marketing. The focus on your customers.

All your efforts, your work, and your finest campaigns before and after your digital efforts will go to waste if you don’t understand your customers’ needs and wants.

It is up to you to find them, where they live, hear what they have to say, and achieve mutual understanding.

We help you manage your brand image, listen to what your customers are saying, and leverage your customer feedback to encourage trust and honesty.

We sometimes subcontract part of the work or use reliable external suppliers to ensure your website performs at it peek is artistically pleasing and is compliant to the search engine and copyright laws.

All subcontractors or external suppliers are tested by Build a business website and go through a lengthy check to ensure they understand our customer needs.

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