The top best 7 reasons for building a Website and what you need to start doing now!


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1)   I don’t need a website!

Many small businesses believe they don’t need a website, they don’t see that in a changing world, future customers will only come from search engines. This will become more apparent in the next 3 years, that’s just 36 months away.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent ABC news article dated Dec 12, 2017.

“Retailers across the United States are in what appears to be a terminal decline as shoppers abandon traditional bricks and mortar while the digital revolution lays waste to traditional shopping.”

2)   What can a website do for me?

A website is not just an ad for your business, it’s your future business gateway.

A good website with great content and information can allow you to profit massively from the digital revolution.

You see, people aren’t spending less, they’re just shifting WHERE they spend it.

A website with “good customer service” which is more than just a name,  phone number and or/a map, will attract more customers by answering their questions. Therefore, will be more likely to buy from you and pass on your name to their social media groups.

3)    What do I call my site?

You will need to buy a domain name which you can choose to be your business name or a brand name if you so choose.

You never own a domain name, even though you invent it. You actually lease it for a period of time then renew it at the end of the term or you may lose it.

You can get your domain name, from a domain name registry there are many. But, just compare prices of a few before deciding who to buy from. Just Google “Where do I buy a Domain Name”.

4)   Hosting your website

Once you have a domain name you will need to host it on a server which is secure look for a hosting company which protects your site from hackers and try and get a free secure site starting with https:// instead of Http:// for more information follow this link,

Then you can start building your site, you now need a platform like or .com this explains the difference: vs The one major difference between is who’s actually hosting your website. With, YOU host your own blog or website. is where you’ll find the free WordPress software that you can download and install on your own web server. vs | WordPress 101 Tutorials :: iThemes

which is a free platform and has many free themes to assist in building your site. Or you can choose a premium theme or get a web developer to code your own theme. There are many platforms like wix, shopify, theirs even one called Ruby_on_Rails.

A web builder will do all these jobs including SEO so you don’t have to worry about getting the site up and running.

At build a business website we cover everything from logos to choosing the best domain name, hosting, platform and choosing what the pages will say and look like.

BBW will give you the best information and guidance to ensure your site will be compliant to search engine regulations and rules.

General Guidelines. July 27, 2017. General Guidelines Overview.

5)   What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation.

A search engine picks up on compliant, quality websites and ensures those which seem to answer a search question best, (or pay most money paid Ads) will show the answers to which it sees as the most accurate on its first page. This is known as SEO ranking.

The better you know what customers are searching for and be able to answer those questions with good information in your content is what SEO is all about.

Search Engines can rank a site for being able to answer common questions and as a payoff will show your site more often, in the top pages and the more people who visit and stay on your site the higher your ranking will go. This is called SEO search Engine Optimisation. However, do it wrong and there are penalties to pay: click on writing below,

 We strongly encourage you to pay very close attention to the Quality Guidelines, which outline some of the illicit practices that may lead to a site being removed entirely from the Google index or otherwise affected

It can take up to 12 months to organically rank a site so the earlier you get your site build done the more valuable your site will become over time.

The more efficient you are at answering a common question the more times google will feature your site in the top 10 pages this drives customers to your site.

More visitors, more customers, more sales, builds a web presence and higher the ranking builds value in to your site which can become a valuable asset.

6)   How do I SEO my website?

You need to be good at keyword research, understand how to adapt keywords in your content and it better be good content. With lots of information and your own genuine written words with no copied content. You can find free key words on google adwords, keyword tool (you need to sign up for an account), answer the Public  and many more just Google “Keyword research”

But it doesn’t stop there, you will need to sort them and place them correctly, in titles, in the paragraphs, in the widgets, text boxes and various other correct places to ensure their effectiveness.  Then be able to read and test analytics to be sure your keywords are working. Or you can just let  us at manage your SEO for you.

7)   What do I write about?

Be your customer, what would you ask Google in order to find out about your product or service?

Write about the keyword you think answers the question you asked yourself?

Tell people who you are?

What do you do?

Tell them the features and benefits and why you are unique compared to your competition.

what you do for your clients?

What outcomes will they achieve by coming to you?

One article min 500 words for each of products or services.

Get started now

Build a business 2019

Once you have completed the reasons why you need a website and how it would benefit your business.

Make sure you understand the regulations and compliance by reading the linked articles in this post.

Find keywords? You need to start looking at establishing questions potential customers will ask a search engine.

If you have sourced a web builder like us at Build a business website  we will help you all the way including sourcing and going over the keywords based on the answers you give at the initial interview.

Then it’s time to start to build your business foundations and SEO.

Please remember if you build your own website using free platforms then ensure you own it. As many free build sites lease the website to you for a ever increasing fee, which can get expensive in the future or worse if something happens you could lose not only your site but the regular visitors which quickly leads to the demise in customer faith and trust as they turn to other sites if they can’t find yours.

It is essential to get things right at the outset because you will take a lot of time to build trust in your visitors who do become regular customers who are as precious as gold in web investment terms.

For a free consultation or visit from us give Jacqui a call or drop us an email from our contact us page looking forward to talking or meeting you soon.

For the easy way to SEO your site yourself  Click Here!  for the best software in keyword research


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