The Best 7 ways to ensure your website performs as an asset for your business rather than a liability.


1. Website maintenance

Local Small business must optimise their websites so people searching can find businesses through search engines, cashing in on the questions asked today becoming tomorrow’s keywords.
An up to date and proper working website is the only way to get your share of the buying customers searching on line for your product or service.
Poorly maintained websites miss out on search engine ranking!
All search engines need to understand,
what your site is about,
your call to action and contact details,
within the first 5 seconds of landing on your page!
Your website is your key to be part of the on-line boom but only if it is compliant and ready.
Search engines are now dominating every facet of our day to day lives.
As we speak the Dreamliner is bringing increased tourism driven traffic to Perth.
Searches and demand for Perth/WA services and products will drive customers towards Perth’s businesses who have their websites tuned and ready. The Increased tourism should help small local business’s cash in and grow via their unique products and services with a good website presence.

2. How can Build a Business website (BBWebsite)help?

Build a Business website can provide this service by Web development Perthimplementing a strategy to drive your search traffic for your products and services to your website in a sustainable incremental manner.
It is our intention to drive sustainable traffic through consultation, planning, research and implementation of well set out web campaigns with the aim to make your website very easy to find by search engines plus give our customers a boost by the introduction of a new programme which we will announce in the next few months once we are happy with the test results.
Regular maintenance and updates are essential to keep your site functioning in the best possible way. Your website will, become, a very valuable asset as a traffic driver and customer fan base.
Search engines are now dominating every facet of our day to day lives.
We all search on the search engines like Google for our questions, inquiries and finding solutions to our needs, wants and so-called problems.
If we want to know who to call/email or what to do to fix or improve all manner of things. We can talk to search engines maps and have virtual private assistant’s.
Gone are the magazines, Yellow Pages and encyclopaedias into the recycle bin!

3. Websites are digital assets

Websites have created a new kind of assets which have a unique virtual address and just like Investment properties can become as valuable as some real estate investments.
Therefore, one should not skimp on setting up and properly maintaining a Business website by people who specialise as Webmasters.
Websites that are generically on page one or two of any Keyword search inquiries, being it locally or global are the ones that get the traffic and most inquiries for the owners of these websites.
The top websites generate millions of dollars in sales whether paid for or generic traffic drivers for Google searches.
A top website therefore, will become a very valuable asset!

4. The future of websites

Local well performing websites are very valuable as they form

more and more the main generator of traffic driven. These Searches bring potential customers to your site. If you own a well performing website generating high performing traffic you can attract more than just a top ranking but, outside adverts that generate passive income for the owners of these sites and generate some of the core traffic for the business it represents on the Internet.

5. It’s not just about Keywords!

Keywords are often believed to be the Key to Success on Search engines! But that is not actually true. There are other factors involved in search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, etc, being able to recognise the true answer to questions asked in the search bar. Therefore, your content must be of excellent quality, at least 500 words or more, concise, knowledgeable and never copied and well researched.
Also, research your Keywords, they must be relevant, natural and diverse not over used, and flow in your articles.
Your website must load quickly. It should be optimised.
It must be regularly maintained, brought up to the current standards and secure.
Your website must be easy to navigate and have easy to read relevant topics included on a regular basis.
Your website should be a secure site, HTTPS:// if any monetary transactions are available to be done on it.

6. What about Domains?

We have come past a few not so funny issues lately regarding domain names!
Please do check that the domain name is in your name registered and not in the name of the person building or maintaining your site! It is so important you should be the owner, so check this ASAP.
If you are not sure if you are the registered owner of your Domain name, then contact your web builder and ask the question! Or contact us and we will try to help you with rectifying this.

7. Small Business can thrive in local areas to!

As Perth becomes the Western Gateway for Global Tourism

This has the potential to bring 1.2 million extra visitors into Perth WA this year!
A market estimated to ultimately bring 8 million Tourists a year to Perth!

Perth is already a very sought-after Tourist Destination in the International Travellers Market due to our climate, Beaches, Space, Food and flora/fauna.
Our Kangaroos, Quokka’s and Koala’s are a firm favourite across all ages of tourist.
Qantas has expanded their cooperation with State Government run Tourism WA and is to launch their advertising campaign with the slogan “It feels like home” from 27-04-2018 here in WA and the world abroad on multiple media channels.
This will boost the influx of tourist on a massive scale!
Local small business needs to learn to ride the tourism boom in 2018 via their websites!
Feel free to get in touch with us here at Build a Business Website if you think we could be of help in optimising your website to take advantage of the future of websites.

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