Building a clear and solid Value Proposition!


What is a unique value proposition?

It’s what you believe sets your business apart from others.

What you think makes your business better than anyone else’s.

Or what makes you unique in what you offer compared to everyone else in the business.

Your value proposition is what’s known as your website’s Unique Selling Proposition USP.

A clear and defined USP lets clients know what your business has to offer and is therefore the best value to a customer.

Today in an ever increasing digital market, value quality and care is what drives growth, and turns an inquiry into a customer.

Thus, communication of how the customer is going to benefit from your product and googles understanding of the solution to an issue you offer as a service or product is the one and only chance you have to ace if you are going to have any success on line.

A value proposition has to be different from that of your competitor’sand present a solid reason for a prospect to choose your product or service.

A great USP is the foundation of your website and building a strong foundation is a fundamental action in forming the stability of your business.

Building a USP requires significant research by your business’ to know what is being offered by  your competition and your ability or goals in regard to the product or service being selected as the best.

You must have a golden statement that defines your  motive in a single sentence. This will become your defining tag line.

By the way its no easy task. However, this little sentence will define your purpose and distinguishes the great from the crowd.

It is also dynamic and will undergo a process of refinement over months and years to come.

It is our job as we go through your interview questions to get the bones of this statement out of you.  We know most small businesses have no idea how to put a whole business in to a few words which sum up the superiority of the business allowing a better chance of being seen and chosen by your customers.

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